If you want to create new and different material from the old ones without spending any money, is yet another paraphrasing tool. When changing sentence construction, this AI-powered paraphrase technology keeps the exact sense of the text. You can complete up to 500 words in the modified format by applying this method in a single sitting. But, if you purchase the pro plan, you can extend the word count to 1000 words.

In the initial text section, individuals can type or paste their material.   On this application, the paraphrased content can also be copied with only one click. You can pick between the fluent, standard, and creative paraphrasing settings on For your ease, it also highlights the phrases and terms that were altered throughout the rewriting. This software can be used to rephrase text in languages other than English, including Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, and many languages.

It is a web-based program and application that can be used on any device, including smartphones and computers. Reading an article and finding alternate words to use without modifying the meaning can be very difficult for authors and students at times. It would take a lot of time to study the essay, list its advantages and disadvantages, and then completely restructure it using different synonyms. You are given a paraphrasing box in this application to which you need to enter the text you wish to modify. It will initially examine the whole text and by utilizing the synonym library, it will modify the words. In this manner, the material will be paraphrased while retaining its actual intent.