How to prepare a maid of honor speech

How to prepare a maid of honor speech

Remember the exquisitely awkward maid of honor speech ‘contest’ between Bridesmaids actors Annie Walker and Helen Harris? Although it was a lot of fun to watch, it was a great example of what you shouldn’t do. This insight may seem apparent, but several maids of honor consider themselves scraping their heads, unsure of what to say. The maid of honor speech is an exceptionally new advancement to the marriage speech lineup, and the question is to avoid repeating what was already addressed in other person’s speeches.

As the maid of honor in your best friend’s wedding reception, you’re probably pretty excited about everything that’s in store for you, from the incredible maid of honor responsibilities to the spectacular events to organizing the bachelorette party and that maid of honor speech — but it’s also natural to be a little nervous. As previously stated, the maid of honor has many duties, including composing and giving the maid of honor speech. The maid of honor speech is typically delivered at the wedding ceremony, but you may be requested to give it at the rehearsal dinner after all. The maid of honor speech has to be a cakewalk if you’re confident while speaking before a large group or have a history in acting or performing. Your maid of honor speech will take off without a hassle if you follow a few pointers and practice a lot.

Template for a Maid of Honor Speech

Although each maid of honor speech is unique, we’ve created an overview to help you get started on yours.

Begin with the bride and finish with the couple

You have the most perspective into how much your friend’s fiance has transformed them for the positive. It should begin with a reference to a friend you knew long prior to actually meeting their partner, and then shift to the involvement they played in their life. Perhaps your bestie is even funnier now, or either you haven’t seen your BFF so excited. If you don’t remember their new partner very well, it is a wonderful way to integrate them into the speech; talk about how they support each other or how your Bestie’s new husband has made them a good person.

Include anecdotes

Tales are more effective than blanket declarations in conveying your message. “Every anecdote you discuss must have a fundamental theme that connects all the short stories. If you unveil that theme close to the final part of your speech, you’ll have a solid emotional effect.

Finish on a positive note

The focus of this speech is not on your friendship with your bestie as it is on the deep connection the couple shares. Ensure that all of the parts of your toast lead to an optimistic ending, closing with how glad the couple is together and your warm regards for their wedding.

Tips for a Maid of Honor Speech

Here are some useful tips to remember to verify you nail your maid of honor toast.


Begin the artistic process by documenting any memorable moments, emotional responses, or ideas that come to mind when you think of your best friend.  Write for 20 min and by the end of the task, you must have some better content to incorporate into the form of a speech.  It enables you to sketch out all of the key aspects you would like to make—basically, a framework for your thoughts then fill it in with supportive evidence.

Get rid of generic compliments

Use amusing and interacting stories to demonstrate the bride’s character. There’s a huge difference between mentioning, ‘She’s such a wonderful friend!’ and sharing a story that proves it.

Keep in mind that it isn’t about you

Though many of the anecdotes must revolve around your time with your friend, you must not be the center of attention. And once you succinctly introduce yourself since many people won’t know who you are or how you’re related to the bride and groom, you shouldn’t make any further pointers to yourself. You’re just the vehicle for explaining why the happy new couple is so wonderful.

Don’t talk about old boyfriends

Nobody wants to be notified of their previous relationships, especially in front of their parents, relatives, and new life partner. Maintain an optimistic tone in your speech, and it will give a good impression on you. 

Keep it brief

The extremely long your speech is, the more likely it is that people will lose interest. Keep your speech to no more than five minutes. From around two to five minutes is ideal.

Pause for a moment

If you are sharing some interesting jokes, then take a moment for a few seconds to allow the audience to laugh. When you begin speaking right away and don’t give people the opportunity to laugh or even comprehend the next line. Remember that while beginning the speech on a humorous note can support you catch the public’s attention for a moment or two, it is the valuable material that will hold them captivated until the end. By aligning humor and sincerity, you must be able to make your attendees laugh and cry.

Avoid giving inside jokes

Prevent adding a joke or scenario that other attendees would need to be present to grasp. It will likely go over people’s heads if they don’t know the context. It’s fine to make a little bit of fun of your friend that doesn’t hurt anybody. Don’t say something that might humiliate them or make them feel uneasy.


The more you rehearse reciting your speech aloud, the more at ease you will be. Keep practicing your speech twice a day for a week ahead of time, and monitor yourself so you can check your pacing and tone. Recite the speech in front of a friend see if your jokes are funny, and try perfecting before a mirror to master your physical presence.


Q1. What to include in a maid-of-honor speech? First and foremost, don’t overdo it! Keep it genuine by narrating stories, expressing why you adore the bride, and toasting the newlyweds.

Q2. What should be the length of a maid of honor speech? Keep it brief and to the point. The perfect way to honor the couple in an interactive and meaningful way is to give a two-five minute speech that is both emotional and funny.

Q3. What to say at the end of a maid of honor speech? Finish your speech with a funny joke and a toast to the bride and groom. It will provide the perfect chance for the audience to praise and laugh at the same time.

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