Quillbot Alternative

Quillbot Alternative

QuillBot is a rephrasing tool that employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to rewrite any component of information. The main goal of the approach is to reconstruct the content by changing the sequence of phrases and replacing words with synonyms thereby maintaining the aspects of the original text. They also involve a summarizing and grammatical checking tool. Quillbot also has a word flipper, that is primarily responsible for the number of words in the rephrasing content that are replaced by their alternatives. You can also employ the slider to move the word flipper to switch more or fewer words in your document. An increased word flipper level can have an impact on content efficiency.

Paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool is simple to use and navigate, making it useful for both pupils and professionals. The software is designed in such a way anybody can use it and begin rephrasing the material instantly. It also has a one-of-a-kind word generator that can quickly rephrase your content to assist you in creating improved reports for your website or blog. The paraphrasing tool is a piece of article rewriter application that can be used to reword, reorganize, and rewrite content. Both the paraphrasing and rewriting tools are free to use.

The Quillbot Software can be used to summarize and paraphrase articles, blogs, and documents into a brief passage or rewritten sentence. It will extract the most vital details while preserving the background of the actual content. QuillBot’s primary function is to eliminate plagiarism from duplicated content.  QuillBot has a number of features, including the ability to summarize paragraphs, change sentence format, and much more. If you are not satisfied with a specific rewritten sentence, you can use the “Rephrase” feature to paraphrase another edition of the same statement that is a bit distinct from the actual and the paraphrased sentence. And  you can do it again and again until you get the expected results. Here is a list of features provided by quillbot;

Grammar Check tool

Grammarly is one of many excellent grammar checking technologies available online. Quillbot’s interactive Grammar Check tool identifies and rectifies a broad range of quotation marks and spelling errors. This saves time while rewriting text by enabling the tool to do the work. All grammatical errors are detected with a single click and the appropriate corrections are suggested. When the grammar checker flags errors in your writing, it acts as a reference point to alert you to the issues. 

Citation Generator Tool

Quillbot includes an embedded Citation Generator. You can use the citation generator to formulate new and parenthetical citations in APA, MLA and Chicago style format. For writing the citations, you have to follow the rules of the citation format. Since citing an internet site varies from quoting a book due to moderate distinctions, this tool can also help you with that task.


The built-in thesaurus will immediately indicate synonyms following the actual wording’s relevance. Thesaurus offers common phrases to ensure there is a close correlation between the input and output. This functionality assists QuillBot in creating sentences that seem natural and responsive without being redundant.

Compare Mode

In comparison to other paraphrasing tools, one of the paid features of Quillbot is the capacity to view all the different word compare modes to notice how they match up against each other. It saves time by providing an easy outline of which sentence formations appear the greatest when paraphrasing content, allowing you to select and decide which you prefer or prevent those for using extra words.


With the use of extensions, the Quillbot application improves workflow processes. At the moment, it provides MS Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome extensions. Using one of these add ons, you can access the Quillbot functionalities without needing to launch a new browser tab. 

Vocabulary Feature

QuillBot’s vocabulary optimization functionality is one of its great attributes. This feature is perfect for expanding my vocabulary and boosting your writing. You can modify more or less of your text with synonyms. If you only like to alter a few words, this functionality can help you make sense of your passages. However, you may use it to change the entire sentence.


Q1. Is there any free service provided by QuillBot?

QuillBot’s Basic Plan

  • QuillBot offers a free account that gives restricted access to the respective features.
  • 3 Synonyms alternatives
  • There are three Quill-modes to choose from (Standard, Fluency, & Creative)
  • You can type up to 150 characters at a time.
  • Summarizer has a character count of 1200.
  • Google Chrome and Google Docs additions are both free to use.

Q2. How much does the Quillbot paraphrasing tool cost?

QuillBot Paid Subscriptions  

Monthly subscription - $19.95 per month  

Semi-Annual Subscription - $79.95 for six months   

Yearly subscription - $99.95 each year

Q3. Is using the QuillBot paraphrasing tool beneficial?

Quillbot is an all-in-one program. However, as a user, you may have to require access to all advanced features, if you want a free tool, then try our free paraphrasing tool with an easy-to-use user - friendly interface.

Q4. Is an Article Rewriter even necessary?

Most of the time, we need article rewriting tool to convey data in a unique way. We may be adding a monotonous tone in our written text and would like to add some zing to it. This is where article rewriters play a crucial role. Also, an article rewriter allows you to replace terms in statements and paragraphs with a single click. An article rewriter is essentially provides you compelling and interesting content in a limited time. However, relying solely on technology isn’t really a good idea. As a result, reviewing every statement is critical, particularly when drafting a significant paper, article, or news.  An article rewriter tool assists in developing unique ways of expressing old information.


Quillbot can paraphrase and restate educational content in accordance with academic writing guidelines.  The QuillBot article rewriter result swaps some phrases with their synonyms, and the material can be rendered shorter than the actual content. Quilling your response synopses is a great method to trim those titbits because writing more accurately is what captures those featured pieces.